Thread & Cap

GunCraft's gunsmiths, based in Cape Town, have years of experience threading barrels for muzzle attachments. We believe in removing as little material as possible, and tight fitting threads. We also provide a custom protective cap.

How it's done

First of all, if there's any front sight on the end of the muzzle, it will be removed or trimmed to create space for the thread.

At GunCraft we cut the thread precisely true to the bore. This ensures that the bullet does not collide with the silencer, muzzle brake or any other device.

Our threads are on the tight side so make sure to apply some anti-seizing compound, like copper-slip or grease, before screwing on the muzzle attachment.

You'll be supplied with a cap to fit on the newly turned thread to protect the thread from any possible damage.

Examples of Thread & Cap by GunCraft

GunCraft Gunsmith Thread
GunCraft Gunsmith Thread
GunCraft Gunsmith Thread

Please Note

  • We do not thread barrels without the silencer, muzzle brake or device. We simply can't guarantee a good fit if we don't have the mating part on hand.
  • Any modification to the silencer, muzzle brake or device is not part of the Thread & Cap process. Except for under-cut modifications and the rear-cap clearance on a reflex-silencer.
  • We strongly recommend not to reduce the diameter of the barrel too much because this has a negative impact on accuracy. For example, the barrel measures 21mm in diameter and the silencer has a M14x1 thread. The smallest thread we're willing to cut on a 21mm diameter barrel is M18x1.

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