Bolt Knob Upgrades

At GunCraft in Cape Town, you can have your bolt upgraded with any design bolt knob. Choose from any existing design or design your own. The gunsmiths at GunCraft have years of experience and are able to do a bolt knob upgrade on any bolt action rifle.

Tactical or elegant personalize your rifle for a better shooting experience.

What is a Bolt Knob Upgrade?

When a bolt knob is upgraded the original factory bolt knob gets machined down to a standard M8 thread. Then any design bolt knob is made from aluminum and threaded on to the bolt handle. This process is irreversible but bolt knobs can be interchangeable.

Benefits of Bolt Knob Upgrades

  • Ensures easy bolt operation and accessibility.
  • Less force needed to open and close the bolt because of increased leverage.
  • It looks good.

Examples of Bolt Knob Upgrades by GunCraft

GunCraft Gunsmith Bolt Upgrade
GunCraft Gunsmith Bolt Upgrade
GunCraft Gunsmith Bolt Upgrade

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