About GunCraft

The family of gunsmiths at GunCraft are headed by the husband and wife team of Geoffrey and Christelle Barraball.

Well known and trusted in the shooting community, GunCraft's reputation is backed by years of precision work that is consistently delivered to all customers; hunters and sport shooters alike.


Customers often become friends as Geoff and his team show real interest in their clients' shooting journey.

GunCraft Gunsmith

Geoffrey Barraball

Gunsmith | Owner

Approx 20 years of gunsmithing experience.

Founded GunCraft in 2001

Trained under...

Earned Fitting & Turning, CNC and Gunsmith qualifications.

Many years of bench rest and precision shooting experience.

GunCraft Gunsmith

Christelle Barraball

Admin | Aesthetics Technician

Approx 10 years experience at GunCraft.

Trained under Geoffery Barraball at GunCraft.

Tertius de villiers about guncraft

Tertius de Villiers

Contract Gunsmith | Marketing

Approx 10 years of gunsmithing experience.

At GunCraft since 2017

Trained under LL Starke at Eagle Bullets Manufacturing. Earned Fitting & Turning, CNC, CAD, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Power, and Gunsmith qualifications.

Avid competitive shooter in multiple shooting disciplines.

GunCraft Gunsmith

Heinz Petersen

Assistant Gunsmith

Approx 4 years of gunsmithing experience.

At GunCraft since 2016

Trained under Geoffrey Barraball at GunCraft.

Many years of long range precision shooting experience.