Remington Extractor Upgrade

Get your Remington bolt's extractor upgraded at GunCraft gunsmiths in Cape Town. GunCraft's gunsmiths have years of experience doing these upgrades.

What is a Remington extractor upgrade?

The extractor is a little hook on the bolt to pull the cartridge cases out the chamber. The Remington bolt action rifles makes use of the circlip type extractor. At GunCraft we replace the Remington extractor with the stronger and more reliable Sako type extractor.

Remington Extractor

guncraft gunsmith extractor

Sako Extractor

guncraft gunsmith extractor

Benefits of extractor upgrades

  • More reliable extraction.
  • Improves ejection even if ejector was not modified.
  • Parts are easily available.

How it's done

At GunCraft we start with disassembly of the bolt.

Our experienced gunsmiths carefully machine a slot in the bolt to fit the Sako extractor. The position of the slot is of extreme importance to ensure successful ejection (when the action discards the case when operating the bolt).

Once the slot is machined a hole is drilled parallel to the bolt body for the spring and plunger to be fitted. The spring and plunger are responsible for the gripping motion on the extractor and to ensure the extractor does not fall out during operation.

At GunCraft we machine the extractors in-house, so there is never an unavailability problem.

At GunCraft we do not sleeve the bolt face, because through testing we have found it has no effect on the action operation and cartridge cases.

Examples of extractor upgrades by GunCraft

GunCraft Gunsmith Extractor
GunCraft Gunsmith Extractor
GunCraft Gunsmith Extractor

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