GunCraft's gunsmiths have years of experience with machining a perfectly concentric and accurate crown. The crown is a critical point of the barrel because it's the last point where the barrel touches the bullet.

How it's done

At GunCraft we cut the crown with a lathe. No hand tools are used in this process.

The crown is cut perfectly concentric with the bore of the barrel.

We cut different profiles for different calibers for performance reasons.

  • .22 LR - Flat 90 Degree Crown
  • 6mm and smaller - 11 Degree Crown
  • Larger than 6mm - 14 Degree Crown

Our gunsmiths recommends competition crowns even for hunting rifles because a competition crown improves accuracy.

Note that a competition crown is sharp and can easily be damaged, so take care when cleaning.

Examples of crowns cut by GunCraft

GunCraft gunsmith crown
GunCraft gunsmith crown
GunCraft gunsmith crown

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