Trigger Jobs

Get your trigger job done at GunCraft gunsmiths in Cape Town. Our gunsmiths at GunCarft have years of experience in trigger adjustments and are able to modify any trigger.

What is a Trigger Job?

A trigger job is when the trigger is altered to release the firing pin by using less force transferred from your finger to the trigger, in other words reducing the weight needed to pull the trigger.
This operation can go both ways; the trigger can be set lighter or heavier.

Please note that at GunCraft, if the goal is to set the trigger-pull lighter, we will not go beyond the triggers capabilities for safety purposes. Firearm safety is your responsibility.

Benefits of a competition trigger

  • Reduces the possibility of moving the gun whilst pulling the trigger.
  • Reduces trigger pull time.

How it's done

Our gunsmiths at GunCraft have years of experience in adjusting triggers. We can adjust any platform firearm trigger within its safety margins.

Some triggers are simply not capable of the desired trigger-pull weight, however we can polish all the critical surfaces for a smoother trigger-pull.

After a trigger job has been done, or a new aftermarket trigger has been installed, our experienced gunsmiths carry out a series of tests to ensure proper functionality and safety.

Our gunsmiths at GunCraft can set your standard factory Howa trigger to have a comfortably light and safe trigger-pull weight.

The Howa trigger-pull weight is between 1.5 and 2kg from the factory, we can set it to 600g (1.32lbs). This will save you the cost of buying an aftermarket trigger that is not much lighter.

GunCraft Gunsmith Trigger job

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